Epic lyrics in any language..


The musical genre of Rap/HipHop has always been a big part of my life. It’s the one style I’ve never NOT listened to; I have many fond memories of my small 13 year old self blasting Jay-Z and Nelly in my room after school, knowing every single word, regardless of my white skin or my house in the suburbs. The words of so many MCs have had such great impact on me, so I loved seeing these fantastic words from the mind of the legendary Biggie Smalls spoken in the ‘language of love’.

May your awesome lyrical gifts continue to inspire so many for decades more to come, Big Poppa…





Explaining to a toddler that Momma isn’t playing for 45 minutes so she can get some words out is downright impossible. Thanks to Mickey Mouse I was able to freewrite this afternoon, atleast for a brief moment anyway. We’re jammin’ Led Zeppelin right now, so I’ll credit them with the inspiration.

The understood belief that each individual exists for some sort of purpose is hard to grasp when I see so much that all remains the same. The claim that all people are unique is so seemingly false; the ability most have to make assumptions is such a cloud to the mind, and so often do these assumptions hinder any and all ability to form individualized opinions.

A mind is such a hideous thing to waste with the useless clutter of the “accepted” way of life and process of thought. What purpose could an individual serve when they strive for nothing except to live the way they’re assumed to; maybe the exploration of our world is better left to those who hold the belief in what exists beyond the sense of normalcy.

I take great pride in being some sort of diversion; removing focus from the expected. Those of us with the need to explore are atleast serving a purpose, despite the scorned simplicity in which the creative are judged. There is a deeper, more colorful side to this life; reality is so far from impressive. Such a wonderful sense of self-knowledge comes with the ability to challenge, to wander, to escape; and perhaps the most quintessential task: to utilize the harnessed power of one’s imagination.

Far beyond the assumed, child-like daydream; to imagine is an essential part in what it is to truly live. A mind stuck with what is only one view, whatever is presented front and center; with not one obscure thought and a complete lack of any and all humor is nothing but a slowly ticking time bomb; a reminder of the often bland structure that has captured the spot of accepted daily routine. A closed mind serves no good purpose; even the slightest touch of nonsense sparks a fanciful mentality that not only brings forth an elevated mood, but lessens the burdens of life’s realities.

The intoxication of exploration is a treat far too tempting not to be tested. I find purpose in the need to ponder the possibilities that lie beyond what directly meets the eye. We too often tend to forget our joyous splendor we once found in innocent imaginary adventure; to let our “priorities” stand in the way of our simple pleasures. To be cast among the boring is to be confined; the most infinite of worlds of extraordinary proportions is just a thought or two away.

Nothing too fancy, but it feels good to write, nonetheless. Expand your consciousness, people. There’s much more to this world than what you may see…