As HST would say, I’m “..T00 WEiRD T0 LiVE, T00 RARE T0 DiE.” Living for Creativity, Chaos, Cannabis & Curiousity, all while being a badass wifey & momma✌️

I thrive on writing, music, creative thinking, motocross, laughter, tattoos, trouble, a good book, fashion, football, travel, conspiracies, and anything beautiful. I’m passionate, unique and have a hard time pretending I give a damn. My family is everything but I’ll always identify as a writer with a gypsy soul that believes that true peace is still possible.

After seemingly lacking in maternal instincts for most of my life but now blessed with a son, I’ve embraced my unconventional ways of approaching motherhood and hope to give a voice to those moms still causing a little mischief now and then 😉 I’m a rebel, a free spirit and live with an open mind, and my son wouldn’t have it any other way!


I’m a yankee born and raised in Pennsylvania, always off on an adventure of some sort but living completely out of place in Arkansas for 7 years now. I married my husband on a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas and now have one son who makes me feel like a badass in every way. I call myself a Gonzo Momma because I do things in my own way-motherhood is no different.

So blast a good jam, burn one down, laugh at the little things and come along for the ride!


5 thoughts on “Info

    • Girl it means everything to me that you reached out to me! I love you! I’ll probably be back soon; just need to get a few things straightened out. But contact me anytime! And give all the girls my love! You’re the BEST! 😘

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    • Aww babe thank you soo much! I’m ok and I’ll probably be back, I just have to work a few things out. You’re amazing for checking up on me! I love you to the moon and back!! 💚☺️ Get ahold of me whenever! Thinking of y’all, always! 😘

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