For No Good Reason — Ralph Steadman Documentary


I can’t wait to dive into this!


Whatever It Meant.


Any day is the right day for some HST! As obsessed as I’ve been with his work for years, I still read his words in his Gonzo style with great wonder; not before or since has a writer been able to capture a feeling, a memory, or a moment so vividly for his many avid readers.
I wonder what my son will think when I tell him I read Fear and Loathing for the fourth time out loud to him while he was still in my belly 🙂

The Return of the Sun


This is wonderfully written and strikes a definite cord with me. I really do picture our little family happy in a cabin in beautiful Colorado, my son happy and free as I sit in the sun reading, surrounded by a lush crop that any person should be able to grow on their own land. I’m forever Colorado dreamin’ 🙂

The Stoner's Guide to Colorado


Today is the Winter Solstice, aka Yule, the shortest day of the year. The sun will only be above the horizon today for 9 hours, 21 minutes, and 13 seconds. From here on out, we get the tiniest bit more sunlight everyday until the Summer Solstice, aka Litha.

I’ll alert you ahead of time that this post is probably gonna get kinda spiritual.

I just get all reflective this time of year and start wondering what the Solstice means to me as a stoner and a Pagan.

I guess it means the same thing “the holidays” mean to everyone: Go ahead and party. Relax and enjoy the leisure time you have with your loved ones. Because then it’s gonna be time to get off your ass and make shit happen.

Yule, like New Years for a lot of people, always gets me thinking about the course my life has taken…

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Rest of my Life


“Let us plant trees that bear positive fruits And nourish our youth with compassionate truth That enlighten the mind to the deepest of roots, all the way to the core where the soul can stay true Where I can walk free with a joint in my hand And I can plant plants right upon my land Help em’ understand these are nature’s laws My creator had visions in the things he saw”✌️💚✨

Kottonmouth Kings “Rest of my Life”