A Sunny Day With My Little Sunshine


IT FINALLY FEELS LIKE FALL HERE! This is by far my favorite time of year: the crisp air, clear beautiful sky, and amazing cooler temperatures! Unfortunately I was spoiled by growing up in Pennsylvania, a state that actually experiences all four seasons seperately; so now I cherish the very short ‘fall-ish’ time in Arkansas (which is followed quickly by winter and then basically semi-permanent summer, no spring whatsoever. Ugh).

I have plenty of reasons for my love affair with Fall: football season, Halloween, nature’s awesome transformation and especially finally getting back into my favorite season for all things fashion (Hello there, gorgeous boots, leather moto jackets and sweaters. Swoon!).

But most importantly, my son will be turning a whopping TWO YEARS OLD this early November. I hate to be one of ‘those parents‘ that acts like “NOOOO! WHERE HAS MY BABY GONE?!?!” but seriously, how the hell has two years gone by so quickly?!

We’re actually days away from moving to a new place, which is perfect for our little family, but it does seem like yesterday that we brought our tiny bambino home to our tiny one bedroom, where may I add, he slept through the night and hasn’t stopped since! What?! But honestly, I wouldn’t stop time even if I could. My son is a wild little monster, with a genuinely sunny disposition and infectious laugh, super curious and best of all, incredibly sweet…especially to his momma, and I think there’s a pretty good it will always be that way.

So today, this Gonzo Momma is THRILLED with her weekend of Fall and is looking quite pleasantly towards upcoming adventures throughout the season 🙂



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